Sell Your Homework
Learn to Write Articles

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Lesson 1.  Master Your Library

Lesson 2.  Sell Your Homework

Phrase sentences
The English language is so flexible that even sentences of one or two words can sell.
Short sentences
A string of short sentences can add excitement to a narrative and pennies to your pocket

Everybody loves them but they can be a bear to create

Lesson 3.  Simple Humor

The A-B-C article
It looks like something out of kiddy-lit, but it can serve an enterprising writer.
Sheer Nonsense
Sometimes writers pull off something foolish and totally madcap. And whaddya know. It sells!
The Parody

Everybody likes to poke fun. It's in our genes.

Lesson 4.  Novelties

Question and answer
All you do is write the question and let your subject answer it. Nothing to it. Oh?
How To
You know how? Tell us. Break it down. Oh, it's easy.
Recreate experience. That's the goal of all dramatic writing.
Tales retold

It's the Cinderella pattern--Rejection, Momentary Success, Despair, Happy Ever After

Lesson 5.  Conversational

You've got to listen closely when you write in "people-talk."
The chronological narrative
We're with him when he rises, confronts, flees, escapes. Readers live it and they love it!
The chronological reverse
Games over! Who won? Tell us about it. Start with the final score.
The slice of life

It can be anything, do anything, say anything. It's the no-man's-land of feature writing

Lesson 6.  Sell Your Homework

The frame and flashback
Look at what you've done, Johnny! How did you ever get into this mess?
Plant and pick up
Plant the gun early. When you finally need it, it's there.
Hail! Hail! The gang's all here. Tell us who's here and what each one looks like.

Like baseball, everything starts and ends at home plate.

Lesson 7.  Sell Your Homework

It may be a gathering of the nuts or a run to the king. This one moves fast.
Repetitive statement
King David did it. Old-time minstrels did it. Singing cowboys did it. You score points when you do it, too.
It reads like Sears Roebuck with a million things to tell. Catalog glues them together.
Surprise ending

You think all your marbles are under your cup. Somebody snatches the cup away. Surprise!

Lesson 8.  Sell Your Homework

Alternating statement and quote
Writing what pastors, politicians, professors say couldn't be easier.
Alternating action and reflection

Use this when a character ponders his problems while trying to solve them.

Lesson 9.  Sell Your Homework

Double barrel
You have two, three stories to tell in the same article?
Triple barrel

Mention all of them in your lead and discuss them one by one.

Lesson 10.  Sell Your Homework

Inverted pyramid
Make your paragraph's first sentence your punch line.
Repeated pyramid

Make your paragraph's last sentence your punch line.

Lesson 11.  Sell Your Homework

Problem and solution
The problem MUST be solved, but oh! how will we ever do it? Here's how.
Sunk and saved

We're dangling on the edge, calling feebly for help. Oh, for a strong hand to pull us to safety.

Lesson 12.  Sell Your Homework

The well-written bio is the reader's peep through the keyhole of life

You are the only person inside that shell of yours. Only you know what you are really like.