Sell Your Homework
Learn to Write Opinions

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Lesson 1.  Includes a discussion of how to use the course material.

Stop, World! I Want to Speak
Daily, mail delivered to our door warns us it's time to stop, watch, listen, think and Speak Up!
What’s This About Libel

Let's learn to call a spade a spade and make those digging at us regret they ever took us on.

Lesson 2. 

Letters to the Editor
Editors, like new mothers, are delighted when you say something, anything about their product.
Praise Articles
When you want to salute, congratulate, thank and commend, praise what is worthy of community notice.
Judgmental Articles
Righteous indignation is never passé.

Lesson 3.  Simple Humor

Humorous Columns
Erma's bizarre twists and turns produced surprises that kept us off balance and in stitches.
Entertaining Articles
Actually, everybody finds pleasure in something. That makes it easy to sell.
Revealing Articles
Scour your memory. Search your sources. To reveal secrets, you'll have to do your homework.

Lesson 4.  Novelties

Humorous Political
The emergence of the political satirist has brought humor to the editorial pages of the nation.
Analysis and Critique
When you want to share what you've thought through, sift it and tell what YOU think.

Lesson 5.  Conversational

Music Recital Reviews
Music critics should know their music. Those who don't can look like they do.
Articles that Instruct
When you know a truth others need to know, point directly at the reader.
Articles of Comment
Things happen all the time that need commenting on. Think first. Be original. Be frank. Be YOU

Lesson 6.  Sell Your Homework

Advice Column
There's an art to giving common sense answers to personal problems.
Political Articles
Democracy is not a spectator sport. Speak up when you have an opinion to be heard.
Articles That Correct
When you know how something should be done, Speak Up

Lesson 7.  Sell Your Homework

The Commentary

It covers any subject, all subjects, to any length, to all lengths. It can be no more than a shrug of shoulder, an eyebrow's rise or it can be lethal and ruinous.

Lesson 8.  Sell Your Homework

The Speech Critique
Everywhere we go, someone is standing up preaching--at church, at work, on a corner near a subway. Your job? Write it up.

Lesson 9.  Sell Your Homework

The Article of Persuasion
When you want others to believe what you believe, you must first catch their interest.

Lesson 10.  Sell Your Homework

The Testimonial
When a citizen is hurt by another or by the system, his/her story should be shared.
Book Reviews
Want to get a free copy plus $20? Learn to write what you like and don't like about what' you read.

Lesson 11.  Sell Your Homework

The Exposé
When you want to expose what you've found in your research, Speak Up!
The Nostalgia Piece
Want to touch people where they live? You want to touch hearts? Share a memory of bygone days.

Lesson 12.  Sell Your Homework

The Discussion
Actually, the most familiar column is the one that discusses--cusses and discusses
The Performance Review
The key thing to watch for when covering a play is the suspension of disbelief.
Personal Columns
The world is full of people who are anxious to tell you what they think you should know about what they think