Sell Your Homework
Learn to Write Stories

NEEDED: Someone to tell would-be story writers
the secrets no one ever tells.
You've come to the right place.

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Lesson 1.  Includes a discussion of how to use the course material.

The Picture Book

No other medium of print is as exhaustless in scope and possibilities as the picture book.

Lesson 2. 

The A, B, C
Naturally, when one decides to write simple stories for children, one starts with the A-B-Cees. Ha! Here's the trap. The iron jaw snaps shut around the ankle of the UNWARY.

The Cycle

With baseball, everything starts and ends at home plate. With cycle, we end where we begin.

Lesson 3.  Simple Humor

Chronological Narrative
It tells a past-time story so that it sounds like the present. It's happening NOW!
Tales Retold

Write the familiar one you've known all your life. All you do is put a twist on it and make it YOURS.

Lesson 4.  Novelties

Repetitive Statement
Saying something again and again can make stories you write for children UNFORGETTABLE.
Question and Answer

These are colorful dialogue stories that some editors find DELICIOUS.

Lesson 5.  Conversational

Whether it is Christ gathering disciples by Galilee or Sir Edmund Hillary gathering climbers for Everest, this story can be a CHALLENGE.
Sunk and Saved

I can't move. My foot is stuck. The water is rising. Nobody's home. Who's knocking? I'm HERE!!

Lesson 6.  Sell Your Homework

Talk about walking on thin ice! He who writes stories drawn from Scripture must tread LIGHTLY.
Plant and Pick Up

You simply plant your foot on the first page and pick it up on the last. It's EASY!

Lesson 7.  Sell Your Homework

Frame and Flashback
Leave that monster wave poised and cresting as you go back and tell how you ever got into this FIX!
Problem and Solution

The more that is at stake if the hero fails, the more interesting the story will be.

Lesson 8.  Sell Your Homework

Multiple Problem
This kind of story is the "if at first  you don't succeed, try and try and try AGAIN!"
Other Problems

Clever writers have developed lots of ways to tell stories that are COMPELLING

Lesson 9.  Sell Your Homework

Come to Realize
Sometimes it takes an "Aha! I see it all now!" kind of awakening to solve a problem that is otherwise NOT SOLVABLE.

Less fiction than fact. But still fiction with fact.

Lesson 10.  Sell Your Homework

Slice of Life
It opens anywhere. It closes anywhere. It goes anywhere. Look, Ma, no rules!

A story in verse has rules it has to follow, but it can be all sheer FUN!

Lesson 11.  Sell Your Homework

Themes are never stated in words in a story. They are the underlying concept that governs the plot and determines the outcome.
Surprise Ending

Youngsters love it when never in a thousand years would they think this story would end like THAT!!

Lesson 12.  Sell Your Homework

You take this thing and that thing and some other thing and you add some more things to some more and more and MORE.
It's an intangible sense of wish, of quiet fancy, of reflection, of hope, of nice things or sad things happening to people.

A story of yours could be for someone else the doorway to ETERNITY!